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More pictures from this era will be posted soon...
The Birth of the LoveCats

The band formed around December, 1991. Mark, Joe Poss and Paul were looking for a new musical direction. After playing in countless rock cover bands they decided to go back to their roots: the blues.

Joe Poss recalls these fond memories of the early days...

...So, Mark Fiorentino founded the new band: he put the ad in The Village Voice resulting in Jason Krantz and Rob King and "The Man from Atlantis"; Jay recruited Chris on baritone sax after Atlantis vanished. Mark was also responsible for booking the gigs.

Our first album was recorded in February, 1992 in a small studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn...I still have the "Master Tapes" labeled "White Boys Blues Band". The recording took two full days in Brooklyn. The bass/guitar/drum tracks for all five tunes took @ 2 hours; the brass, lead vocals, background vocals, sax, trombone and guitar solos and mixing took fourteen hours.

This recording led to our first gig in the spring of 1992 at Kenny's Castaways in Greenwich Village. There were multiple acts that night. But we played great despite the crowd booing the previous act.

The original brass section lineup was especially interesting because the tallest member (Rob King) played the smallest sax, and the shortest member (Chris Longo) played the largest sax.

And then… the fizzle.

Rob King went on to become the director of entertainment for Carnival Cruise line; Jay Krantz and Chris Longo went to law school; Mark Fiorentino went to culinary school: the departure of these four musicians caused the band to temporarily cease operations in August, 1992. Basically, after 8/92, Paul and I played with ourselves (wait...that didn't come out right).

The original line-up for the band included;
    • Mark Fiorentino - Drums - Vocals
    • Rob King - Alto Sax
    • Jay Krantz - Tenor Sax
    • Chris Longo - Baritone Sax
    • Paul Mancuso - Guitar - Vocals
    • Joe Possavino - Bass - Vocals
(I am intentionally omitting "The Man From Atlantis" on Trombone, as he skipped out on paying for the recordings, leaving behind an all-time classic trombone solo on Almost.

Below are some classic pictures from this era.

Live at the Lion's Den in NYC on May 17, 1992.

Below are some classic posters from this era.

This place is in the Village.

This gig actually got rained out.
"Oh, no! I told them once, I told them a hundred times: put "Magician" first and "The LoveCats" last.

Below is the track sheet from the studio.

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